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PGT® WinGuard® Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors provide your home with effortless, full-time protection against flying debris and hurricane-force winds.
Now there’s no need for inconvenient, unsightly panels, accordion or roll down shutters, plywood or other hurricane protection devices. Even when you’re away, WinGuard Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors guard your home against hurricanes and intruders with no effort, while reducing noise and providing UV protection. WinGuard with vinyl frames and standard insulated glass also provides enhanced energy efficiency. Lifetime Exteriors will help you take advantage of South Florida’s unique and wonderful climate. From taking your existing screen room and adding weather proof windows, to creating a brand new room from scratch. Let our design team create a useful and enjoyable living area that will last you a lifetime. Miami-Dade County has the strictest test protocols in the country for wind-borne debris, air and water tests. The Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for impact-resistant products is the best way to be sure that a window meets all the requirements for hurricane protection in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade/Broward Counties). The Florida Building Commission recognizes Miami-Dade NOAs as approved products.
PGT® WinGuard® Windows and Doors provide hurricane protection that meets code and protects your home, whether you’re there or not when a hurricane strikes.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Do Home Improvements Add Value?

Renovating, remodeling, and improving your home can be great ways to give it a makeover, gain extra space, or otherwise make it possible for you to stay in one place longer. But will they increase your selling price? The day may come when you want or need to sell. In preparation for that possibility, realize that not all home improvements are created equal. Some will increase the value of your home, and some will actually make selling more difficult. Here's how to tell the difference.

Projects With the Highest Resale Value
Certain projects add more resale value than others. Here are some that generally have the best financial impact.
•Kitchens. People like to see modern conveniences and styles in the kitchen. Especially in older homes, kitchen improvements tend to add value. Read the real estate ads sometime -- you're sure to notice how many mention the updated kitchen features.
•Bathrooms. Second to kitchen remodels are bathroom remodels. Again, modernizing older styles or appliances usually results in good return.
•Outdoor improvements. Your house makes a first impression quickly, so sprucing up its outdoor appearance is a smart investment. This includes siding (fiber cement tends to cost the most, but has the best return) and landscaping, particularly in the front yard.
•Roofs and windows. Roofs and windows are expensive to replace, and buyers expect these to be in good condition. Unfortunately, that means that while replacing them won't dramatically increase resale value, not replacing them could significantly decrease it.
Install New Windows
Installing new windows can be beneficial for more than one reason. On an average house, 30 percent of energy is lost through windows. They are not only important in terms of energy issues, but they are also a signal to a future buyer that the current homeowners have really taken good care of the house.
Projects That Can Negatively Affect Resale Value

Almost any project has the potential to negatively affect resale value. A general rule is that the more personal your choices are -- meaning they're made to suit your particular lifestyle or taste -- the less likely they are to have a positive effect on resale value.
This doesn't mean you shouldn't do the project. It just means you shouldn't expect it to add value to your home and should anticipate that your home may be more difficult to sell as a result. For example, while a soundproof music studio might be your dream come true, it won't be practical for a young family looking for an extra bedroom for their new baby. These types of buyers won't pay the premium it cost you to build the studio and they may be turned off by it.
Here are some general indicators that a project might have negative resale value.
Luxury upgrades. While no one wants to see the absolute cheapest renovations in a home, the highest-quality upgrades often don't have the return of mid-range ones, unless you're in a very high-end home. Marble floors in the bathroom or custom cabinets in the kitchen may be nice, but you shouldn't assume buyers will pay proportionately for these luxuries.
Rooms that don't fit with the floor plan. Converting the back patio to a family room may be a perfect way to add more space to your home but, if your dining room window now looks into the family room, it probably won't be well loved by buyers.
Garage conversions. Garage conversions can give homeowners much needed space, but buyers like having garages, so converting this space usually won't increase value.
A swimming pool. A pool may seem like the ultimate luxury to you -- but when it comes to selling it could be more of a hindrance than a help. It may be seen as a safety hazard by parents with small children. Consider also whether it's usable most of the year -- while a pool may be a real selling point in parts of Florida and California, it could be a serious liability in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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